【WEB限定】 TOURATECH ツアラテック ZEGA-PROケース 【マウントキット装着済み】 片側のみ 31L 「and-S」-トップケース・リアボックス

ZEGA-PROケース 「and-S」 31L 片側のみ 【マウントキット装着済み】











Previously, our premounted Touratech Zega Pro panniers were only available as part of a set with the pannier racks.

Now they are also available separately.

As a special feature, the mounting brackets used to fasten the pannier to the rack are pre-fitted by Touratech.

Now there’s no need for time-consuming measuring and drilling, and loose or slipping panniers are a thing of the past.

The premounted pannier fits perfectly on the Touratech pannier rack.

Operated from inside, the locking mechanisms attach your pannier securely to the rack and prevent theft.

Removing the pannier is simple and does not require tools.


Black pannier rack for BMW R850GS / R1100GS / R1150GS / R1150GS Adventure

(01-051-0010-0). This rack is only suitable for the previous Zega model.

In this case we recommend using our stainless steel rack (01-051-0150-0).

The ability to carry a pillion passenger is limited on the Honda Africa Twin and BMW R100GS.

In a modern design and state-of-the-art construction, our developers have come up with a veritable masterpiece in the ZEGA Pro.

Light and yet sturdy, the case is available in a 31 liter version, made entirely of 1.5-mm aluminium, water- and dust-proof,

and manufactured to the highest standards - no way were we going to settle for a basic plastic construction that was

simply jazzed up with a few bits of moulded aluminium!

The lid and base of the ZEGA Pro are welded, which achieves the maximum rigidity of the connections,

and the base and outer shell have high quality rivets (no cheap studs for us - or you!).

You’ll find no leaky welded seams along the edges.

High quality silicone seals ensure that the contents of this case are protected as well as possible.

The highly robust protective strip along the carcase is screwed on, and so is easily replaced when necessary - perhaps after a fall.

The same applies to the strong protective corners on the lid,

which comes off completely or can be opened just from one side - the catches double as hinges.

The ZEGA Pro appeals not only for its technology and workmanship,

but also for the many clever detail solutions and the modern protected design - the rounded lines of the item really do catch the eye.

Thus, for instance, a clever handle can be added to the lid.

The four attachment eyes rise only slightly above the surface of the case, so it also makes an ideal seat.

Some of the other benefits of the ZEGA Pro are that it is easy to open to retrieve a luggage roll and our extensive range of accessories.

Vehicle-specific special systems, e.g. for the BMW R 1200 GS, are also available.

The clever touches of the ZEGA Pro include the ingenious lock system, which is strong and reliable yet easy to operate.

The advantages at a glance:

- automatic locking prevents the catches from opening accidentally

- fitted locks can be replaced or added later without drilling or filing

- simultaneously locking fitted locks are available at no extra charge;

also available with simultaneous locking with navigation brackets and oil plugs.

ZEGA PRO *And-S* aluminum pannier 31 liter

Dimensions: 443 mm x 203 mm x 393 mm

Weight: approx 4,9 kg



【23500445】 SOLID ウインドシールド ROAD WARRIOR フェアリング用:Ghost/高さ:11インチ

ウイルズウィン シグナスX シグナスX(2型)用 38φタンデムバー Sバージョン ブライアントタイプ

ウイルズウィン ジェンマ ジェンマ用 リアボックス付きタンデムバー ブライアントタイプ
イメクスポ社 チェアマット 厚み1.5mm (サイズM) 100×120


KBL コンバイン用ゴムクローラー 3638N9S (幅360mm×ピッチ90mm×リンク38個/ラグパターンD) [ゴムキャタピラ]
ナチ/NACHI 不二越 スーパーハードロング 2枚刃 39mm SL2SE39